Parents come to us with a variety of needs and schedules which we do our best to accommodate. When agreement is reached as to the specific times children will attend and what fees will be paid, the Center organizes and staffs according to that agreement. It is the Center’s responsibility to be ready and able to care for children at the agreed upon times. Sudden changes, such as illness or snow days, etc., do not relieve the Center’s responsibility to it’s Staff for a stable work environment or for salaries. Conversely, such changes do not relieve parents of the responsibility for payment for the time and agreed to amounts, including sick days and Holidays. The only way for the Center to remain a viable childcare facility for this community is for everyone to understand this. It is hoped that everyone can understand the mutual obligations within the “big picture” of PCFC childcare.

The First Presbyterian Church, which houses the Presbyterian Center for Children, has made arrangements with Griffin Pest Solutions to provide pest management. Griffin is scheduled to inspect the premises quarterly unless contacted by the Church. Griffin inspects the premises for ants, spiders and mice. The premises are inspected and treated after 6:00 pm. This allows for compliance with R 400.5940 sub-rule 9d which states that “Liquid spray or aerosol insecticide applications may not be performed in a room of a child care center unless the room will be unoccupied by the children for not less than 4 hours or longer if required by the pesticide label use directions.”

*Exact dates of Fundraisers to be determined. Please watch monthly newsletters for exact dates.