What Being Presbyterian Means

Presbyterian describes the way our church functions. Members elect women and men to serve as elders on Session - the church's ruling body. Power is in the hands of the people. Our name comes from the biblical Greek word for elder, presbuteros. We connect with other Presbyterian churches through similar power.

Affirming unity with all God's people, we trace our heritage through the Reformation in 16th century Europe, specifically Scotland. The earliest immigrants from Europe brought those principles and practices to our country.

Presbyterians have influenced much of our nation's history, including the American Revolution itself, the Civil War and Civil Rights. From the earliest reformers, through the contemporary church, Presbyterians have upheld freedom and responsibility:

  • to relate directly with God, while living in relationship with others;
  • to educate all people, to study and respond to the Bible, science, art and all forms of knowledge;
  • to set one's conscience against demands of religious or cultural institutions, as we pursue God's purposes in our world.

Presbytery 101 - A General Guide